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A Walk with Me

Hope in 31

I’ve done it again… between work, other numerous personal responsibilities and unexpected situations, the last month has been ROUGH and I’ve allowed myself to feel comfortable in my frustration. Not thinking anyone understands or even wanting to waste my breath on explaining I’ve just let it build up and let every little thing easily irritate me and just wallow in my feelings. It’s so easy to begin to feel a ...
A Walk with Me

How 365 days as a social worker has changed my life. 

Happy new month! June 1st, 2017 represents exactly a year for me as a child protection Social Worker. I’m sure you’re probably thinking a year at a job…big deal. To me it means way more than that. It means a year of me stepping out into faith,  day by day, not knowing what the next minute holds, trusting that God will give me the strength and wisdom to “figure it out”. It means a year of new things to learn ...
A Walk with Me

It’s OK… is good for you.

Have you ever noticed that we live in such a fast pace society that everything, everywhere, every time tells you to just keep going? “Push through no matter what, if you don’t you’re missing out”. While all that is great and motivating, sometimes we can get so caught up that we simply forget that it’s OK to take an occasional pause and REST. We rush from here to there and often times miss the beautiful moments ...
A Walk with Me

He said “Press in!”

“He said PRESS IN, like the woman with the issue of blood.” ……….   If there was ever a moment where I was sure God was speaking to me in a season, right now is definitely one of them. I have overwhelmingly been surrounded by the same message in EVERY single ministry I serve in and by the music I’ve been listening to. I thought maybe God wanted to get my attention and help me apply it to my personal life but after not so randomly ...
A Walk with Me

Why are you even here?

Reflecting back on when this site first launched, I’m realizing that this probably should have been one of my first post… But God’s timing is perfect, right? Someone right now, in this moment needs to read this.  Who am I and why am I here (on Earth)? I don’t think my life really actually started until these two questions were answered. If you know me, you’ve probably heard me say this a million times but I strongly believe in the power of ...